Her stories are capturing, poetic songs, driven by her banjo- and guitar play. 

Magical moments full of sensibility and still powerful and expressional presented. 

The musician ADAYA tells us about the other side of mankind, the hidden treasures of every living being, of bright and dark periods in life.

As a solo artist she travels around the world and fully devoted, writes her own episodes with passion. 

Intense moments, in which ADAYA’s crowd can be part of.

Moments when she does it again and again, bringing them to complete silence, listening under her spell.


Longingly she sings in her songs about the mysteries of our time, legends and hidden secrets. 

Her songs «Werewolf», «I Am Born» or «Train To Nowhere» are perfect examples. 

UK-Folk-Radio gives best ratings: «This is high caliber music, both stunning and original in concept and delivery, we’re looking forward to hearing more! ».

ADAYA’s newest album was released in February 2020. 


ADAYA performs as a solo artist, or with her Band. In accompany with Jazz-musicians Corinne Windler on the drums, Theo Känzig on Bass and violinist Larsen Genovese. 


Photo by Manuel Vargas Lépiz



Ihre Geschichten sind packende, poetische Songs, getrieben von ihrem Banjo- und Gitarrenspiel, magische Momente voller Feingefühl und gleichwohl wuchtig und mit Ausdruck präsentiert. Die Musikerin ADAYA erzählt von der anderen Seite des Menschen, die verborgenen Schätze jedes Wesens, von den dunklen wie auch hellen Kapiteln. Als Solo-Künstlerin bereist sie die Welt, schreibt ihre eigenen Episoden voller Hingabe und Leidenschaft. Intensive Momente, an denen ADAYA das Publikum teilhaben lässt. Momente, in denen sie es immer wieder schafft, dieses ganz und still lauschend in ihren Bann zu ziehen. ADAYA ist auch mit ihrer Band anzutreffen, bestehend aus Larsen Genovese an der Geige, Theo Känzig am Bass und Corinne Windler am Schlagzeug.


Adaya - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Zither, Electric Guitar


Adaya was born 1993 into an unconventional family with a multicultural background. Her grandmother was the famous English herbalist, naturopath and author Juliette de Baïracli Levy, who travelled all her life together with her two children, an owl and a dog.

She inspired many people by her great knowledge of natural healing. Adaya's mother comes from a Spanish, Egyptian, Turkish and Jewish background. Her father is German and she herself grew up alternately in Greece, but mostly in a small house, deep in the forests of Switzerland. 


After all, Adaya had already defined and accelerated her career as a child. At the age of 11 she wrote her first song. A poem by her grandmother ("Gipsy Line" to be heard in "New Land"), Adaya set to music when she was 14 and played it on Juliette's deathbed. As a 17-year-old, the musician founded her first medieval band, and she continuously taught herself to sing and play different kinds of instruments such as bagpipes, harp, flute, banjo or guitar. Adaya chose to study in a similar way as her grandmother did; on the road. Many years of traveling freely in different countries to learn from their unique cultures and styles, formed a high spectrum of  her musical style. 


This Year Adaya released her second Album and is continuing her musical journey.


Other Projects in which Adaya is involved in: FAUN


Former Projects;  KEL AMRUN, AYWA


„In a very early stage it was clear to me; music will be the main focus of my life. Ever since I worked hard to make progress; with streetmusic, traveling, learning about different instruments and musical cultures... and the journey goes on and on; I don’t see any end to the big process of learning about music and life. With my songs i try to mirror my experiences and inspire people to take a big step; towards them selves.


Foto by Raffaella Bachmann

Larsen Genovese - Violin


Larsen Genovese studied klassik Violin at "Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini" (now "Conservatorio Alessandro Scarlatti") in Palermo under the management of Antonino Marcello Enna.

Next to his study he went to DAMS (Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo) at the University in Palermo where, thanks to Ethnomusicology classes with Prof. Giovanni Giuriati, his interest for traditional music started to grow. He founded one of the first Sicilian Klezmerband's "Matrimia" and played in different constellations in Folk and a Orchestra called "Gli armonici. 2008 he moved to Bern and began his own study in Roman musical culture. He started to play in different Folk formations, such as "Kel Amrun", "Ratatila", "Palmyra" and "Etnosaraj". 


At the moment he teaches music privately in Bern and plays in "Taraf de Berne" (Romanian Folk), "An Lär" (Irish Folk), "Obsigänt" (Swiss Folk) and since 2020 with Adaya's musical group. 




"Music is all I've got, it keeps me alive. Folk music especially fascinates me, it speaks direct to my soul. It's not pretending, it's not arrogant. Spontaneity and autenticity is what I enjoy the most in Adaya's music" 


Foto by Nesrál Esevonégg


Theo Känzig - Bass


Theo was born in Bern by 1980. As a 8-year old he discovered the guitar and soon after he played in several bands. 

2013 he finished his studies at the university for arts and music in Bern. 2015 he completed the master-study of music pedagogy at the HKB. He found his passion in Jazz Manouche and finds his contacts in international music scenes. Several times the year he goes to Paris, the home of Gypsy Jazz, for concerts, music sessions and inspirations. Next to jazz, Rock, Blues and Pop he also finds himself playing classical Guitar. Since 2013 he works at the musical school im Wohlen.



In Adaya's Band he is the multifunktional Bassist and accompanies the group since February, 2020. 




"Everything is vibration. I love building the bridge between rhythm and harmony. And there‘s so much space down there. Ich liebe es, fremde Rosetten zum flattern zu bringen."


Foto by Manuel Vargas Lépiz

Corinne Windler - Drums


After finishing her study at KV, Corinne went straight to learn Jazz saxophone at the musical high-school in Lucern. After that, she spent many years studying the sax in different musical schools, did a second master in composition, arrangement and at last a completed education for management in musical high schools at the HKB. Music was always part of Corinne's live.

She played in several bands and collected a outrange of experiences for this particular profession. She spend time in Amsterdam, Chicago and got inspired for her further compositions. 

She produced 2 Albums with one of her band's "X-elle", helped develop female band-workshops in Switzerland and played as a representative for Switzerland at the Daley Plaza in Chicago. 


Now Corinne is managing the team of the musical art-school in Köniz and plays drums in her musical project called "BIRGS", "Sistermoon" and since 2017 with Adaya. 


On Saxophone you can hear Corinne in "Windler 4" and the "Matt Stämpfli Bigband". 




„Music was my first love….that’s how I feel and how I go through life. I am a passionate musician in all kinds of style. To be Adaya’s drummer means a lot to me. Her incredible creativity and honesty deserves the most sensitive musical support, which is my goal for every single note she sings and plays.“


Foto by Marianne Wenger