ADAYA's poetic and mature songwriting is the result of many years of traveling and from being an uncompromising full-time musician.

Now Swiss-based artist ADAYA and her band (comprised of musicians from Europe and North America), have released their first album The Other Side.

The Other Side is a prophetic album rooted deep in folk traditions from the British Isles and steeped in colors of contemporary psychedelic folk. 

Adaya Lancha Bairacli was primarily a solo artist until 2014, when she began collaborating with musicians such as American bassist Aaron Goldsmith, Buck Curran, who gives an ethereal touch with his Electric Guitar (for the past decade he's been a member of the renown American Psych-Folk duo Arborea) and Swiss percussionist Corinne Windler.

The band has been compared with the music that developed out of the Folk Rock scene of late 60's and 70’s.

Without being purely nostalgic, ADAYA’s lyrics are deeply intuitive and always thoughtful, and while rooted in classic progressive folk and the experimental side of psychedelic music, everything is complimented into a unique perfection and makes her music sound timeless.

Folk Radio UK recently described ADAYA's music: "This is high caliber music, both stunning and original in concept and delivery, we’re looking forward to hearing more".


Adaya Lancha Bairacli


Adaya is a talented songwriter with honest lyrics in a unique and passionate style.

Drawing on the folk traditions of many cultures, her music has moved audiences throughout Europe.  

Time and time again she travels to places where the songs and cultures enrich her imagination.

Inspired by the festive medieval scene in Switzerland, as well as the international community of street performers and troubadours traveling the world, Adaya made an early commitment to  her music and has not looked back since.  

With banjo, guitar, bouzouki, zither and her charismatic voice she performs her own songs, along with a handful of Irish and English ballads and leads the band with grace and an open heart.  



Besides her band, Adaya can be found playing harp, flute, voice, and bagpipe for mystic medieval folk group Kel Amrun .

Previous bands were pagan folk band Aywa and nature folk group Pan.

Adaya also has her solo project as a Harpist, more information about the music and booking inquiries you can find here; Adaya Celtica

Corinne Windler

Corinne plays music since she can remember. 

While studying Jazz Saxophone in Lucern and finishing several CAS for Music Management, she toured and composed several musical projects such as X-Elle and her most current Band named "Birgs". 

Music and more Information about Corinne and her Projects you can find here;





Photo by David Manuel Stucki

Buck Curran


Buck Curran (from Maine, US) is a guitarist who plays melodies haunting and beautiful.  He is one half of the successful psychedelic-folk duo ARBOREA.  Since 2006, they have released 5 albums and performed extensively throughout the US, UK, and Europe . . . including festivals (Philadelphia Folk, Green Man, Hopscotch, SXSW, etc) and sessions on the BBC, NPR, WNYC, and WXPN.


In autumn 2014  they met Adaya in Ireland and since summer 2015 Buck collaborates with the band, adding his signature style and otherworldly melodies to the music.    


Buck's new solo recordings can be found here:


and more about Arborea here:


Photo by Michel Villard (Essequamvideri Photography)

Aaron Goldsmith


Aaron’s quick ear and playful musicality  have allowed him to perform in many genres and with a wide variety of talented artists.  From Balkan Cumbia to Celtic Americana, speed jazz to rockabilly swing, folk punk to ska funk and everything in between. His style is adapted from different world folk traditions, including the contrabass, bass harmonica, acoustic bass, electric fretless sitar bass and his treasured Mexican Mariachi bass; the guitarron.  


In addition to Adaya, Aaron occasionally performs with  Szkojani Charlatans and Americana folk punk collective Railyard Ghosts .


Photo by Michel Villard (Essequamvideri Photography)

Guest Musicians

Moniek de Leeuw


Moniek skills on Violin braught her all over the world together with her Holland based Gypsy Klezmer Band The Balcony Players. 

At last Moniek's violin is now on 'I am Born' and will be heard throughout the upcoming album.  





Photo by David Manuel Stucki