Next Concert's happening in Zurich

27. December at Gotthard Bar

29. December Hausfätz in Rikon

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Past events

We say goodbye to Aaron


After many years of being part of Adaya's Band,

it is time to say goodbye to multibassist Aaron Goldsmith.

Different musical tastes and styles of playing where the major reasons.

With the fact that Aaron can live his talent with several Bands in and from all over the world keeps us not concerned. You'll see him on stage in many places, don't worry ;)

We wish him the best for his musical future and you may stay in tune with us, for the band is going through a big transformation.


We are curious our selves and can promise... 

You won't be disappointed <3 


Sea Fever

This is song Adaya wrote out of Juliette's poem "Sea Fever".

Performed on a very rare Swiss medieval instrument - the Toggenburger Halszither built by Daniel Zurlinden. 

War Blinded - Live Video

Here is a brand new song performed in beautiful Bergamo, Italy.

The Lyrics are one of Juliette de Bairacli Levy's Poem's, Adaya's grandmother. 

There will be quite a few new songs containing her words, coming up on the next Album. 

If you wish to know more about Juliette who was a magnificent writer, poet, herbalist, animal lover and friend of the Gypsys & Beduins, you can find some information about her here:

Working on the new album

So far we can tell you...

Adaya wrote more then enough new Song's to create a new Album and we are ready to go.

Now it's time for pre-recordings, arranging, focusing and we are definitely keeping you up to date!

Also Adaya is presenting her new solo set which contains more effects and a psychedelic sound. 

The request for Vinyl is getting higher - we are working on it ;)

Life stays interesting, stay tuned with our music!

Werewolf... music video out now!

"The Other Side" album release

We made it!

The CD's are out and not only that... 

Here the featured review on Folk Radio U.K written by Thomas Blake about "The Other Side";

"On ‘The Other Side,’ Adaya successfully reimagines folk music through the bright window of intelligent songcraft and genuinely experimental arrangements. It is an intensely varied and often mesmerising release from a unique voice.


‘In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace. And what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.’ So said Graham Greene, who moved to the shores of Lake Geneva to live out the last years of his life. And the country has been haunted by that reputation ever since. It is the place of cowbells and sterile bureaucracy where people go to die. It is not a place where things are created, but where they end. Certainly not a hotbed of mind-frazzling psychedelic folk music. Well, the new album from Swiss-based songwriter Adaya looks set to put that admittedly dubious theory to the sword." .... READ MORE HERE


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